“Embodied Ministry”: Conference on Sexual Education for Theologians.

In “What is the Point of Being a Christian?”, Timothy Radcliffe OP notes that

We  need a pedagogy, ways of gradually opening people’s eyes to the beauty and dignity of the human body and its grace.  Learning to live our chastity well is not primarily a question of the will, but a way of life that sustains us in the truth of what and who we are.

It is this desire for a pedagogy of this kind, opening the eyes of theological educators, pastors, and ministers in training, to “the beauty and dignity of the human body and its grace”,  that is the motivation and purpose of the CSCS Theological Educators Project.

In July 2014, this project will host a conference on the theme “Embodied Ministry” at Ripon College, Oxford.

EmbodiedMinistry flierFor the full details, including program and speakers, see the conference page under “Theological Educators Project”

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