Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 2014

held on Saturday 15th February 2014 at Carrs Lane Church, Birmingham B4 7SX

1. Martin Pendergast (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting which was attended by 16 members.

2. Apologies were received from Chris Dowd, Mike Egan, Carla Grosch-Miller, Rosie Martin and Michael Moran.

3. The minutes of the previous AGM, held on 16th February 2013 at St Anne’s Church, Soho, London, were circulated and approved. Proposed by Hazel Barkham, seconded by Jane Fraser.

4. Matters Arising. There were no matters in the previous minutes that were not covered in the annual report for this meeting.

5. Annual Report. Martin Pendergast gave a comprehensive report of the work of CSCS over the past year, covering the work of the CSCS committee, the Theological Educators Group, the CSCS Newsletter and the journal, Theology & Sexuality. Tribute was paid to the work of the committee members and our regret at the resignation of Rosie Martin and Colin Hart. CSCS’ response to issues relating to Christianity and sexuality were also summarised. (A full copy of this report is appended.)

Terry Weldon reported on the development of the new website. Phase one has been completed with all the material taken from the old (corrupted) site and made more user-friendly and accessible. Phase two is still in production, with a dedicated page for articles relating to the Theological Educators project. He is planning a news feed, with more pictures and presentations on video. He is open to suggestions for content. The destruction of the old website caused some confusion in the short run but the numbers of hits on the new site are increasing.

Discussion of the annual report followed. Hugh Bain said he thought it was unhelpful to only have 15 minutes allocated to the AGM and suggested that if the annual report had been circulated in advance, it would have allowed for more detailed discussion.

Jane Fraser raised the question of the future of CSCS given the small number of members and their age profile. Sharon Ferguson pointed out the charity implications of closing CSCS in the future and the need for compliance with Charity Commission regulations. In response to a question about membership numbers, Colin Hart said there were 50 paid up members but Jane Fraser added that there were about 20 others in association with CSCS. A tiny trickle of members is lost each year but this is balanced by a similar number of new members.

6. Financial Report. Colin Hart presented a written report on the financial position of CSCS, noting in particular that a major outlay continues to be made on the Theological Educators Group but this project will be coming to a climax in July in the residential conference, ‘Embodied Ministry: gender, sexuality and formation’. (A full copy of this report is appended). The financial report was agreed. Proposed by Daphne Cook and seconded by Hugh Bain.

7. Election of CSCS Committee for 2014 – 2015. The following members of the committee indicated that they were willing to stand for re-election: Heather Barfoot, Jane Fraser, Michael Moran, Martin Pendergast, Terence Weldon and Anthony Woollard. John Gladwin proposed that the committee be re-elected. Matthew Prevett also indicated his willingness to stand for a two year period. Proposed by Roberta Rominger and seconded by John Gladwin.

8. A.O.B.  There was none.

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