AGM 2012: Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of CSCS

held on Saturday 17 March 2012

at Lumen URC Church, 88 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RS

  1. Present

Hugh Bain, Hazel Barkham, Heather Barfoot, Jane Fraser, John and Lydia Gladwin, Colin Hart, Gerard Loughlin, Michael Moran, Martin Pendergast, Terry Weldon and Anthony Woollard.

  1. Apologies

John & Daphne Cook, Tony Crowe, Michael Egan, Rosie Martin and Barnabas-Francis McPhail

  1. Minutes of the AGM 12th Feb 2011

These were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.

Proposed: John Gladwin, Seconded: Hazel Barkham.

  1. Matters Arising

Concerns about Theology & Sexuality were postponed until scheduled later in the meeting. There were no matters arising from the minutes that were not on the agenda.

  1. Annual Report of the Chairperson

Martin Pendergast presented a written report on the year’s activities (see above).

The discussion that followed focused on the implications of equal marriage on existing law whereby (in England and Wales) all Church of England premises are licensed for the conducting of marriages. It is not clear that the Government or the C of E has explored the possibility that C of E churches might have an automatic right to conduct marriages of same sex partners. It was pointed out that the situation in Scotland differs due to their different legal structure. The point was also made that the URC, Liberal Judaism, MCC and Quakers have all won the right to conduct civil partnerships on their premises and may wish to extend this right to marriages between same sex partners.

Acceptance of The Annual Report of the Chairperson was proposed by Anthony Woollard and seconded by Heather Barfoot.

6. Annual Report of the Treasurer

A written report from Colin Hart was received, noting the income and expenditure for the year. Two years’ Gift Aid had been received from Inland Revenue. A more complete receipt of membership subscriptions had also boosted income, while the lack of invoices for the two copies of Theology & Sexuality had reduced expenditure, leaving a surplus of £579.42.

Colin Hart was thanked for his careful work on CSCS finances and Michael Egan for oversight as Hon. Auditor.

Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by John Gladwin and seconded by Hugh Bain.

A proposal to re-appoint Michael Egan as Hon. Auditor was proposed by Michael Moran and seconded by Jane Fraser.

  1. Election of CSCS Committee for 2012/2013

It was proposed that the existing committee of Heather Barfoot, Jane Fraser, Colin Hart, Rosie Martin, Michael Moran, Martin Pendergast and Anthony Woollard should be re-elected en-bloc as all were willing to stand. Anthony Woollard stated his intention to stand down as editor of the Newsletter next year.

Proposed by John Gladwin and seconded by Hazel Barkham.

Terry Weldon was nominated as a further committee member and was willing to stand.

Proposed by Anthony Woollard and seconded by Michael Moran.

Terry Weldon gave a brief summary of what he might be able to achieve in the role of webmaster, based on his experience of producing his blog, Queering Sexuality. He stressed he was not a professional computer person and knew his limitations but could enlist more skilled help if needed to re-design the website.

  1. Theology & Sexuality

Gerard Loughlin updated members on problems arising from changes of publishers from Sage to Equinox, a smaller publisher managed by Janet Joyce. As joint editor with Elizabeth Stuart, he stressed her limited involvement due to her increased workload as Vice Chancellor of the University of Winchester. He welcomed Kenneth Brindle from the University of North Carolina, as US representative on the editorial board, who is in a position to recruit library subscriptions and encourage the submission of more papers from US academia. The decision to aim for three issues per year has led to difficulty in finding sufficient contributions as theology, sexuality and gender studies are not topics that are expanding so much now in the academic field. Competition through overlap with other journals, and reluctance to identify subject matter as sexual (as opposed to ‘Patristic’ or ‘Gender’) has also impeded progress which, in turn has led to a falling behind of published editions. He stressed that the aim is to catch up by 2013 and the next edition should be out next month. A new appointment as Editor of Book Reviews will help to expand this section.

The discussion which followed looked at liaison between the editorial and publishing side which should be enhanced by the move to new publishers in Durham, thus facilitating contact. Further comment was made on the perception that some articles are too esoteric and the need to engage with a wider readership, not just academic. Gerard Loughlin was positive about the suggestion that some papers arising from the Theological Educators Project might be published in Theology & Sexuality.

  1. Any Other Business

There was none.

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