Present: Roberta Rominger (Matron), John Gladwin (Patron), Jane Fraser (Chair), Daphne Cook (Treasurer), John Cook, Martin Pendergast, Colin Coward, Hugh Bain, Hazel Barkham, Michael Moran, Colin Hart, Anthony Woollard plus two guests.

Apologies: David Gamble (Patron), Heather Barfoot, Tony Crowe, Mike Egan.

Report from the Chair: The report is attached to these minutes. The Chair reported on
a most productive year and expressed satisfaction that she would be handing over her role
with CSCS in good heart.

Treasurer’s Report: The report is attached to these minutes. The Treasurer noted that  the year’s surplus was in part the result of there having been no bills for Theology & Sexuality; there had been a hiatus in publication due in part to the purchase of the title by Equinox, but the series would now be brought up to date and the cost to CSCS members (and hence members’ subscription levels) would be unchanged. The true surplus was in fact understated as the Gift Aid tax reclaim for the year was outstanding. The report was received by acclamation.

Appointment of Examiner of Accounts: The Treasurer proposed that Mike Egan be reappointed and this was accepted by acclamation.

Committee members: The following were unanimously elected to serve until the 2011 AGM:

Chair – Martin Pendergast (proposed by Anthony Woollard, seconded by Daphne Cook)

Treasurer – Colin Hart (proposed by Jane Fraser, seconded by Anthony Woollard)

The matter of the Secretary’s duties was agreed to be left to the new Committee to

The following were further elected by general acclamation:

Michael Moran
Anthony Woollard
Heather Barfoot
Jane Fraser

Daphne Cook also agreed to serve briefly in order to ensure a smooth handover to the new Treasurer.

The outgoing Chair reminded members that there was still room for one or two additional Committee members who could be co-opted at any time during the year.

Future of CSCS: Satisfaction was expressed at the outcome of plans for the joint conference on Sexuality and Human Flourishing taking place the same day. This presented a model for networked activity, but it was still necessary for CSCS to continue in being as the only charitable organisation with a remit for study across the field of faith and sexuality. It was felt that that remit might be discharged more effectively if there were opportunities for responses to the many thoughtful articles in Theology & Sexuality; Anthony Woollard reminded members that the columns of CSCS News existed for just such a purpose, and suggested that the new Committee could also look at more effective use of the website or of the Web more generally to facilitate such discussion.

Treasurer’s Report


Income 2009 2008
Subscriptions 1830.00 1794.00
Conference Fees 590.00 210.00
Interest receivable 7.36 48.52
Tax refund 0.00 1093.04
Total 2427.36 3145.56
Journals 0.00 1166.00
CSCS News 319.18 342.28
Conference 291.83 176.19
Website 115.00 124.43
Committee/secretarial 551.49 271.75
Total 1277.50 2080.65
Surplus 1149.86 1064.91
Opening accumulated fund 4633.78 3568.87
Closing accumulated fund 5783.64 4633.78
Represented by:
Current account 3636.70 2490.33
Deposit account 2146.94 2143.45

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