Theology lost an original voice on 20 February when Professor Marcella Althaus-Reid died at Marie Curie Hospice in Edinburgh, Scotland. Those who appreciate creative, bold theology are in her debt.

Marcella was Argentine by birth with a deep commitment to liberation theology. She studied at ISEDET, the Protestant theological faculty in Buenos Aires, and received her doctorate at the University of St. Andrews. She insisted that issues of body and sexuality need to be interwoven with other liberation concerns. Feminist and queer commitments informed her unique and important work.

She held the Chair of Contextual Theology in the School of Divinity, at the University of Edinburgh. She was the author of the widely acclaimed Indecent Theology, among many other books.

Marcella spoke to an Annual Conference of CSCS some years ago and CSCS has always regarded her as a pioneer in her field. Her work will echo for generations to come.

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