AGM, 2009: Minutes


Present: Jane Fraser (Chair), Daphne Cook (Treasurer), John Cook, Anthony Woollard,
Martin Pendergast, Mike Egan, Hazel Barkham, Heather Barfoot, Michael Moran (joined
at meeting) plus three non-members.

Apologies: John Gladwin, David Gamble, Roberta Rominger, Peter Selby, Colin Coward, Hugh Bain, Tony Crowe.

Minutes of 2008 AGM having been circulated in CSCS News were taken as read.

Chair’s Report – see report attached to these minutes.

Treasurer’s Report – see report attached to these minutes. It was noted that the balance at the end of 2008 was £4633 and that 2009 subscriptions were already coming in well. Resources would therefore permit the reimbursement of participants’ expenses at the meeting with theological educators on 16 March (see Chair’s Report). Discussion following reports: Members reluctantly noted the possibility that CSCS might be unable to function after 2010, but felt that both its ecumenical focus and its wide-spectrum remit on Christianity and sexuality must not be lost in any successor arrangements. A number of initiatives were in hand which needed to be progressed, including the proposed 2010 joint conference with Inclusive Church provisionally entitled “Consuming Passions”, and the second conference on Homophobia/Transphobia and Human Rights on 16 May 2009 which had already benefited at the planning stage from a CSCS input wider than that of LGCM and might also be worthy of some financial support. Some of these initiatives, as well as that relating to theological education (see Chair’s Report) might well have implications for work by some appropriate organisation beyond 2010. There needed to be an evaluation of CSCS members’ priorities regarding the use of CSCS reserves, especially if CSCS had to be wound up, and the services which CSCS at present provided which might conceivably be taken on be some successor organisation. It was agreed to include a questionnaire to members in the next edition of CSCS News.

Election of officers and Committee: In the absence of other nominations, Jane Fraser
and Daphne Cook were deemed elected as Chair and Treasurer respectively for one more year only, and John Cook, Martin Pendergast, Anthony Woollard and Michael Moran as members of Committee. Similarly Mike Egan was deemed reappointed examiner of accounts.

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