AGM 2008

AGM 2008



Jane Fraser (Chair)
Daphne Cook (Treasurer)
John Cook
Martin Pendergast
Hugh Bain
Hazel Barkham
Tony Crowe
Mike Egan
Ruth Whittard
Anthony Woollard

John Gladwin, Roberta Rominger, David Gamble, Peter Selby, Pat Ward-Platt.

Minutes of AGM held on 10 February 2007
These having been circulated in CSCS News No 32 were agreed. There were no matters arising not elsewhere on the agenda.

Treasurer’s Report
The accounts for 2007 are attached. Daphne Cook drew attention to the loss on the 2007 Annual Conference arising from the decision to have three speakers. Income from subscriptions continued to reduce, though I substantial donation from the Modern Churchpeople’s Union, representing a share of the surplus of the joint conference in 2006, largely made up the shortfall. No tax reclaim had yet been made for 2007; once that had been done, the deficit on the year should be largely made good. The sum remaining in the funds would be more than sufficient to meet any foreseeable liabilities for the journal Theology and Sexuality. Tony Crowe proposed, and John Cook, seconded, the adoption of the accounts. All were in favour.

Chair’s Report

This had been circulated and is appended to these minutes. Jane Fraser emphasised the problem arising from her decision and that of the Cooks to stand down following the 2009 AGM.

Future plans, including the Chair’s proposal for a conference of all organisations concerned with faith, sexuality and justice, were discussed. Points raised included the following:

• CSCS should not be afraid of continuing to be a very small ginger group. As Christina Rees had pointed out in her address to the Annual Conference, no other organisation had quite the same mission as CSCS.
• There was a continuing need for dialogue with theological educators. The attempt to interest colleges and networks by mailing out copies of CSCS News had produced no visible response, but the need was still there. It could be useful to discuss the way forward with sympathetic leading educators such as Martin Percy (Cuddesdon) and Nicola Slee (Queen’s), and other networks and non-Anglican educational institutions (such as Susan Durber at the URC college in Cambridge and the new Principal at Woodbrooke) should not be neglected. It might be possible to develop teaching and learning materials, and/or a “roadshow”, to contribute to theological education – which could be a permanent legacy if CSCS were in due course to be wound up. It was conceivable that the Faith Communities Small Grants Scheme or some similar trust could be tapped for the additional resources needed for such an endeavour.
• The conference proposal could also be worth pursuing but could take over a year to set up, thus going beyond the “life” of the present Committee. Whilst it might seem desirable to develop the interfaith dimension, following on the 2007 Annual Conference, it was important not to take on too much at once when CSCS had so few resources in terms of activists.

The meeting encouraged the Committee to pursue these thoughts.

Election of Committee
In the absence of any new nominations, Tony Crowe proposed, and Hazel Barkham seconded, that the existing Committee be re-elected en bloc. All were in favour.

Appointment of independent examiner of accounts
John Cook proposed, and Tony Crowe seconded, that Mike Egan be re-appointed. All were in favour.



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