Rev Jane Fraser

I have been a member of CSCS, and before that ISCS, since its inception. I have served on the Committee for 10 years and have had the privilege of being your Chair since February 2001. At the last AGM I promised to serve for one more, final year but would like to end on a positive note, regardless of the uncertain future of CSCS.

I have been passionate about the role – both real and potential – of CSCS as a focus for education and debate about Christianity and sexuality. One might say that this was inevitable, given that I was ordained as a Minister in Secular Employment in the Church of England as someone actively engaged in education, training and counselling around sexuality issues. Throughout this ministry (that has spanned nearly 20 years) I have become increasingly aware of a common thread that has bound together the many strands of this work – justice. We worship a God of justice and mercy and,in order to be true to our calling to take risks for the sake of the Gospel, even if we are seen as ‘fools for Christ’, we must be willing to speak out.

As one of Christ’s ‘fools’, I made a tentative suggestion to your Committee that I end my tenure as Chair by facilitating a conference on ‘Faith, Sexuality and Justice’ and that we do so by reaching out to any other organisations with a common cause in a collaborative venture. Knowing that many such organisations and individuals will have their focus on the Lambeth Conference in July 2008, I suggested that we re-invigorate the debate in the post-Lambeth period of autumn 2008. I have been encouraged and supported in this by your Committee and now look to you, our membership, for ideas and suggestions of suitable links we might make. Clearly, we will also need practical support in the form of organisational skills, media and publicity experience and financial advice. Do please contact me if you can help in any of these areas or know of people we should contact.

In the meantime, I ask for your prayers as we seek God’s guidance.

With every blessing
Jane A. Fraser
The Revd. Canon Jane Fraser October 2007

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