1. Bully OnLine The web site that validates the experience of bullying. Half the [UK] population are bullied…
  2. Ethical Consumer should be the first port of call for any ethical shopper.
  3. Green Choices is a portal to the best ethically minded companies, selling everything from food to fridges.
  4. How To Complain is a one-stop shop for advice on how to complain about almost anything.
  5. Life Rites is dedicated to serving the needs of those individuals who hold no formal religious beliefs and who seek to affirm their life and death in a personal and individual manner.
  6. National Council for the Divorced and Separated  / N.C.D.S.Phoenix
  7. New Scientist A leading science journal.
  8. The Oldie is a monthly magazine that was founded by Richard Ingrams, who was also the editor of Private EyeThe Oldie is not about age but is for any independent-minded reader. A sense of humour is an advantage and a love of cartoons. It has a ‘God’ slot adjacent to one entitled ‘… and Mammon’.

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