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Our Aim 

The Christian community needs a contemporary sexual theology. To build this we have to talk to one another and share experiences in both affirming and challenging ways.CSCS provides opportunities for sexuality to be discussed honestly and openly, and aims to help others in the churches to provide similar opportunities.


Our Agenda

Why does sexuality matter so much? The Christian faith is based on love, and one of the commonest expressions of this is through sexuality. It is up to the people of God, single and married, to carry on pursuing the search for truth.”

Dr Jack Dominian, Counsellor and Therapist

  • There are a host of important questions facing the Christian community today:
  • Is it possible to be a Christian and still rejoice in one’s whole sexuality?
  • How as Christians should we relate to people whose sexual lifestyle differs from our own?
  • How may we gain the courage to “remove the mask” and face the complexities of sexual desire, understanding and experience in ourselves?
  • How should we connect, theologically and spiritually, the “creative” and the “negative” aspects of sex?
  • CSCS promotes dialogue within the Churches, both through academic activity (as evidenced by the international journal Theology & Sexuality) and by more informal means – its newsletters, seminars and workshops.


Our Concerns

  • faithfulness and fidelity
  • the family and its future
  • divorce and remarriage
  • sexualities and friendship
  • images and concepts of God
  • re-framing Christian teaching
  • young people and sexuality education
  • aspects of identity: gender, race, age, disability

Our Activities

  • As a member of CSCS you will receive:
  • three times a year – the CSCS newsletter, written in a popular style on a variety of our themes, which will keep you in touch with other members and informed about our events
  • three times a year (for an additional, concessional subscription) the journalTheology and Sexuality published by Equinox
  • invitations to take part in CSCS conferences and workshops which provide a safe place:
    • to explore diversity of belief
    • to hear and examine new theological ideas
    • to confront the issues troubling many Christians

Becoming a Member

We want you to join us in this crucial task by becoming a member of CSCS. Membership runs from January to December.

Subscription rates:

  • With the journal – £40 (£55 for two people at one address and sharing one journal)
  • Without the journal – £15.

Please ask about rates for overseas members.

This web page updated May 2014

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  1. Is this website and the CSCS alive? Some months ago I tried to join and sent of Cheques for a subscription to join and for the magazine but never heard back!

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