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Why does sexuality matter so much? The Christian faith is based on love, and one of the commonest expressions of this is through sexuality. It is up to the people of God, single and married, to carry on pursuing the search for truth.”

Dr Jack Dominian, Counsellor and Therapist

  • There are a host of important questions facing the Christian community today:
  • Is it possible to be a Christian and still rejoice in one’s whole sexuality?
  • How as Christians should we relate to people whose sexual lifestyle differs from our own?
  • How may we gain the courage to “remove the mask” and face the complexities of sexual desire, understanding and experience in ourselves?
  • How should we connect, theologically and spiritually, the “creative” and the “negative” aspects of sex?
  • CSCS promotes dialogue within the Churches, both through academic activity (as evidenced by the international journal Theology & Sexuality) and by more informal means – its newsletters, seminars and workshops.


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Promoting open and honest Christian discussion of sexuality and gender

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