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In origin, the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality developed out of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, specifically to support and promote the academic journal, Theology and Sexuality.  Since then, the focus and range of our activities have broadened. We are now concerned with the full range of issues around human sexuality, and the activities can be grouped into four areas:

  • Continuing Support for Theology and Sexuality, with which CSCS began;
  • Our own newsletter;
  • An annual conference on a theme from human sexuality or gender;
  • Since 2009, an increasingly important part of our activities has been the Theological Educators Project, in which CSCS brought together educators from around Great Britain in order to share insights, discuss developments in the field and contemplate how to progress theological education for sexual-spiritual integration.  The group has continued to meet and offers the resources of these pages that Christians might live happily with the urgent power of the erotic (Radcliffe).

As a member of CSCS you will receive:

  • three times a year – the CSCS newsletter, written in a popular style on a variety of our themes, which will keep you in touch with other members and informed about our events
  • three times a year (for an additional, concessional subscription) the journalTheology and Sexuality published by Equinox
  • invitations to take part in CSCS conferences and workshops which provide a safe place:
  1. to explore diversity of belief
  2. to hear and examine new theological ideas
  3. to confront the issues troubling many Christians

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Promoting open and honest Christian discussion of sexuality and gender

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