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Cornwall Supports Women Bishops.

Cornwall just became the latest Anglican diocese formally to endorse proposals for women bishops.

Truro Cathedral

 Diocesan synod is now almost complete, with sentiment thus far overwhelmingly in favour. Every synod that has already voted, has carried the motion, usually overwhelmingly, and in each of the three houses.  Overall, the useful chart at Peter Owen, which summarises the votes for all dioceses, now shows the cumulative votes so far for each of the three houses as:

  • Bishops:  55  (96%)  in favour, 2 against.
  • Clergy: 1205 (92%) in favour, 98 against.
  • Laity: 1362 (93%)  in favour, 100 against.

(For the detailed picture at each diocese, and the scheduled dates for those still outstanding, go to Peter Owen. )

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