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Minutes of AGM, 2013

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of CSCS
Saturday 16th February 2013 
St Annes’ Church, 55 Dean Street,Soho, London W1D 6AF

  1. 1.      Welcome

Members were welcomed by Martin Pendergast (Chair).

  1. 2.      Apologies

Apologies were received from John & Daphne Cook, Mike Egan, Roberta Rominger, Carla Grosch-Miller, and Heather Barfoot.

  1. 3.      Minutes of the previous AGM – 17.3.2012

These were circulated to all present and then signed as a correct record of the meeting. Proposed by Hazel Barkham. .Seconded by Rosie Martin.

  1. 4.      Matters arising

There were no matters not already on the agenda.

  1. 5.      Annual Report

Martin Pendergast gave a summary of the developments over the past year and this was available for all present and is attached to these minutes.

Proposed by Anthony Woollard. Seconded by Jane Fraser

  1. 6.      Financial Report

A report of the financial position of CSCS was given by Colin Hart (Treasurer) and a copy is attached to these minutes. He noted that subscriptions were down slightly this year due perhaps to some new members joining at the end of the year and not being asked to renew again in January. Those who pay via Charity Aid have been prevented from doing so due to problems with the Charity Commission who have withdrawn our charity status due to problems posting our Annual Return. Most members now pay by standing order which is helpful. An anonymous donation last year has enabled us to set up a new website. There was a considerable loss on the conference last year and we aim for this year’s conference to break even thanks to support from Sybils who have funded the speakers. The Theological Educators Project is a cost to CSCS without bringing in any income but as it is nearing completion the committee are not concerned about this and hope members agree. Martin Pendergast is exploring a charitable grant to support the final stage of the Project which will be a conference of theological educators.

Assets of £4,533.36 were confirmed. Hugh Bain asked how much is being set aside to pay for the Theology & Sexuality journal. Colin Hart replied that he had paid for 2010 but 2011 had yet to be invoiced. £800+ was being held for this. The report was accepted. Proposed by Tony Crowe and seconded by Anthony Woollard. There was a vote of thanks to Mike Egan for auditing the accounts and he was unanimously proposed to continue in this role.

  1. 7.      Election of CSCS Committee 2013/2014

Heather Barfoot, Jane Fraser, Colin Hart, Rosie Martin, Michael Moran, Martin Pendergast,

Terence Weldon and Anthony Woollard were willing to stand for re-election.

Proposed by Bernard Lynch and seconded by John Gladwin

  1. 8.      Any Other Business

A question was raised about the official reasons for the delays in publishing the Journal. These were given as the increased number of such journals, open access to papers through libraries, and a reduced number of papers being submitted due to the subject matter not being so topical.

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AGM, 2007: Minutes



Jane Fraser (Chair)
John Gladwin (Patron)
Lydia Gladwin
Daphne Cook (Treasurer)
John Cook
Hugh Bain
Hazel Barkham
Janet Kent
Bruce Kent
Martin Pendergast
Anthony Woollard

Apologies: David Gamble (Patron), Roberta Rominger (Matron), Jean Mayland, Colin
Coward, Michael Egan.

Minutes of meeting of the AGM held on 11 February 2006 were agreed as correct.
Matters arising were covered under the Report from the Chair.

Chair’s report: Jane Fraser spoke to her circulated report (copy attached to these
minutes). She drew attention to the following points:

  • The cost of Theology and Sexuality had been frozen for a further year, meaning that no change was needed in the subscription rate.
  • The new two-tier membership appeared to have been a success, with numbers remaining around the 100 mark (of whom about two-thirds took Theology and Sexuality) despite some weeding out of those in arrears. The death of Roy Parr was noted with sadness. Subscriptions were still being received from a couple of members who had proved uncontactable, and attempts would be made to track them down via the bank.
  • The experiment of sending the newsletter to theological training institutions had not had any visible impact.
  • The joint residential conference with the Modern Churchpeople’s Union had proved particularly successful, though again the visible impact was limited (one former member had rejoined).
  • Attempts to contribute to the Anglican “listening process” had so far also been unsuccessful but other avenues would be pursued.

Treasurer’s report Daphne Cook spoke to her report (copy attached to these minutes). She noted the surplus of £1,253, compared to the previous year’s deficit of £70. Whilst subscription income had fallen under the two-tier membership system, nearly all categories of expenditure were markedly reduced.

Anthony Woollard proposed, and Martin Pendergast seconded, the adoption of the report. Daphne proposed the re-appointment of Michael Egan as independent examiner of accounts. Both motions were carried unanimously.

Elections: The meeting noted the resignation of Colin Coward and more recently of Jean Mayland. In the absence of other nominations the remaining committee members (Jane Fraser, John and Daphne Cook, Martin Pendergast and Anthony Woollard) were elected unanimously.

Discussion on the future: The Chair invited members to consider issues regarding the future of CSCS – a very small organisation, with an ageing committee, which nevertheless had considerable human resources and connections, and also now sufficient financial resources to make possible some small new initiatives.

Points raised in discussion included the following:

  • Advertising in the ecclesiastical Press, one possible use of the current surplus,  arely brought in any significant results.
  • There might be a better case for using the money in some way to bring together the fragmented “liberal” groups who shared the CSCS agenda – though it was noted that a previous attempt at this, namely the establishment of Inclusive Church, appeared simply to have created yet another body!
  • The current public focus on issues such as teenage pregnancy, which did not fall within the remit of the other groups, could offer new opportunities for CSCS.
  • Although Press advertising might not be worthwhile, the placing and sharing of articles could be valuable. Even closer links with other bodies such as MCU and SCM could be helpful (and weblinks could be improved, for example with the Churches Together in England site which was believed to be hungry for content).
  • Some ecclesiastical journals might be susceptible to encouragement by Patrons/Matrons to carry CSCS copy, including reports of the Annual Conference.
  • There might also be a case for trying to provide a “voice for the voiceless”, as in urrent debates on gay adoption where the professionals (not to speak of the adopters/ adoptees) were being largely ignored.
  • The independent future of CSCS depended, not only on its continuing to develop its “unique selling proposition” along the lines suggested in discussion, but also on recruiting new officers and Committee members.

The Chair, summing up the discussion, said that the Committee had noted the many positive points made and would attempt to progress them during the year.

Date of next meeting: Saturday 9 February 2008, probably in London.


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AGM 2006: Minutes



Present: Jane Fraser (Chair), Anthony Woollard, Martin Pendergast, Daphne Cook, John Cook, Tony Crowe, Jenny Clark, John Blowers, Mike Dark, Hazel Barkham, Catherine van Ruhland, Derek Reeve

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Colin Coward, Jean Mayland, Mike Egan and Roy Parr.

2. Minutes of last meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 12 February 2005 were agreed as a correct record.

3. Matters arising: Theology and Sexuality
It was reported that the journal had been sold by Continuum to Sage Publications, without the knowledge of CSCS, but that Sage had confirmed the policy of the previous publishers to increase to 3 issues per year, with a continuing substantial discount to CSCS for at least one year. It was suggested that the publishers ought to be encouraged to widen the range of outlets at which the journal was available, though it was recognised that it was mainly aimed at an academic market.

 4. Report from the Chair
The Chair circulated her report, a copy of which is attached to these minutes. In discussion the following points were made:
• It appeared that membership remained around the 100 mark, though some members in arrears had been “weeded out” and a number appeared to prefer the option of a basic subscription without the journal.
• It could be argued that CSCS had fulfilled its mission in raising the debate about sexuality in the Churches, and that its separate existence was now in question.  Many CSCS members already belonged to other cognate organisations, and some were evidently cutting down on their overlapping memberships and did not appear to prioritise CSCS. Against that, it was argued that discussion in the Churches at present was confined largely to specific issues, notably homosexuality, and that there were much more basic questions about sexuality and the Gospel, and other specific issues such as singleness, gender dysphoria and teenage pregnancy, on which debate needed still to be encouraged. CSCS remained the only ecumenical organisation devoted specifically to the sexuality debate in all its aspects, and, because of that fact, the Chair and others continued to be approached from time to time to contribute to aspects of that debate in various groups. Moreover, despite the very modest attendance at most Annual Conferences and AGMs in recent years, the fact that at least 10% of the membership normally turned out should be
taken as a respectable expression of continuing interest. It was agreed that the future of CSCS should be reviewed further in the light of current approaches to theological training institutions and the outcome of the summer residential conference.

5. Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer circulated her report, a copy of which is available on request. She noted that in cash terms CSCS had ended the year with a deficit of £70, but that a further bill for the journal, of about £1,100, remained to be paid at the year’s end. Some 2006 subscriptions had been paid in advance. Part of the deficit resulted from the cost of circulating the newsletter to theological colleges. In addition, Gift Aid tax rebate for 2005, expected to be over £400, had not yet been claimed and would be added to the 2006 accounts. The true deficit was therefore of the order of £700-800, and it was hoped to reduce this in 2006 by the reduction in the number of journals taken and by a review of the theological college contacts and of newsletter circulation generally. In discussion the following points were made:

  • It would be helpful to publicise that CSCS used an “ethical” banker namely the Co–operative Bank.
  • The website had been reviewed and updated; in the past this had been a vital source of new recruits but it was essential that it be kept up to date. All present were invited to view the website and send comments to the Chair as soon as possible.

Acceptance of the Report was proposed by Tony Crowe, seconded by Jenny Clark, and agreed unanimously.

6. Elections
The Chair explained that David Brown, elected last year as Secretary, had felt unable to continue due to other commitments and that Colin Coward had similarly felt obliged to resign. A Secretary was urgently needed and, in the absence of nominations at the meeting, the Committee would hope to co-opt someone.
In the absence of further nominations, the following were proposed by Derek Reeve, seconded by Tony Crowe, and elected unanimously:
Jane Fraser (Chair)
John Cook
Daphne Cook (Treasurer)
Jean Mayland
Martin Pendergast
Anthony Woollard

7. Appointment of examiner of accounts
It was proposed from the Chair and unanimously agreed that Mike Egan should once again be appointed.

8. Subscriptions
The Chair drew attention to the emergency motion passed by the Committee in the Autumn, namely that, in the light of the new journal price, subscriptions for 2006 should be set at £40 for those taking the journal and £15 for others, with a subscription of £55 for two members at one address taking the journal, and overseas subscriptions and other special cases to be adjusted pro rata.
The endorsement of this decision was proposed by Jenny Clark, seconded by Tony Crowe, and agreed unanimously.
The feeling of the meeting was that £40 should be viewed as a maximum, and that, in the event of the publishers putting up the price of the journal to members for 2007, CSCS should cease its link with the journal.

9. Any other business

  • The Chair drew attention to the joint residential conference with MCU and SCM in the second week in July, and to the 30th anniversary celebrations of LGCM in Cardiff in April.
  • The newsletter editor appealed for contributions, particularly reactions to the Annual Conference, and for book reviewers.
  • It was suggested that the newsletter should include a strapline giving the full nameof the organisation.

10. Date of next meeting:

10 February 2007.

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