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Theological Educators’ Visit to Ripon College

On Wednesday 6th June, the CSCS Theological Educators’ team met at Ripon College, Oxfordshire, where Professor Martyn Percy shared some useful information on the current shift to “common awards” in training for religious ordination.

Before the start of the meeting, Professor Percy led the group on a short tour of the college and its facilities, of which a highlight was the spanking new chapel (so new, that the first formal use of it was scheduled for the following day, and while we were there, workmen were busily engaged in last minute completion.

Outside Reception: Jane Fraser, Martin Pendergast, Martyn Percy, Terry Weldon, Carla Grosch Miller, Susannah Cornwell, Clare Herbert, Rosie Martin (Behind the camerac- Michael Moran)

One of the other topics under discussion by the theological educators’ group is the viability of arranging a residential conference for a much wider group, on sexuality and theological education. If this idea goes ahead, Ripon College could well be a potential venue.

For more pictures, see the page in our new Galleries section.

For more architectural background on this stunning  new chapel, see the website - Neil McLaughlin Architects

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