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 Hymn – Sing a new Church   (Tune: Ode to Joy or Nettleton)

 Words: Delores Dufner OSB

Summoned by the God who made us
rich in our diversity, gathered in the
name of Jesus,  richer still in unity.

Refrain: Let us bring the gifts that differ and, in splendid, varied ways,  sing a new church into being, one in faith and love and praise.

Radiant risen from the water,  robed in
holiness and light,  male and female in God’s image,
male and female, God’s delight.


Trust the goodness of creation;  trust the Spirit
strong within.  Dare to dream the vision
promised,  sprung from seed of what has been.


Bring the hopes of every nation;  bring the
art of every race.
Weave a song of peace and justice;  let it sound
through time and space.


Draw together at one table,  all
the human family;
shape a circle ever wider
and a people ever free.



From the Letter to the Galatians (3: 26-29)

For all of you are God’s people through faith in the Messiah, Jesus. Indeed, all of you who were baptised into the Messiah have clothed yourselves with the Messiah.

Because all of you are one in the Messiah Jesus, a person is no longer a Jew or a Greek, a slave or a free person, a male or a female. And if you belong to the Messiah, then you are descendants of Abraham and Sarah indeed, and heirs according to the promise.  (International Standard version 2012)


God of all the vast varieties of humankind, help us to move beyond the exclusiveness of an either / or mentality to the inclusiveness of an all and every way of thinking. Move us beyond binary definitions to the mystery and complexity of infinite creativity and creation.

We remember those senselessly murdered because of their all-encompassing humanity, those de-humanised by religious institutions who would prefer invisibility, yet who are prophets of true identity, parents and families confused and fearful yet holding firm to love.

Open hearts that need to hear, souls that need to know, and minds that need to see that there are no limits to You nor Your creation.  In the name of the one who transcends divine and human labelling, who confounds our rigid definitions, and breaks down the walls that separate us, embraced in one Spirit of love. Amen